Hey guys, back with a long one today. Hope you enjoy this, happy new year. Weekly podcasts this year.   You can find me below: Youtube: www.youtube.co...View Details

Hey guys back from middle earth with another podcast :)     hope you enjoy this one.     STORY time is back. You can find me below: Youtube: www.youtu...View Details

Hey guys, back with another podcast after a few BUSY weeks! hope you enjoy this one and as always drop a rating if you enjoyed this episode :)   Quest...View Details

Whats up guys, we are back with my Dad to answer some brutal questions.   enjoy. we did. Why dubai What do you do what happened to your spine How/ did...View Details

A long time coming but this is EVERYTHING you can do to maximise your ability to gain muscle, lose fat and generally be awesome. NATURALLY.   You can ...View Details

Hey guys back from Rome with a Q and A episode. Slightly shorter than normal this week as i am a little under the weather but neverthless we get it do...View Details

One of the most nerve racking podcasts i've done. Today we welcome Mumma bridgman on the podcast to talk about all things steroids, cannabis, me movin...View Details

Hey guys i hope you're all well. Today we have an extensive Q and A brushing on a range of topics from steroids to relationships.   i hope you enjoy t...View Details

Hey guys back from Budapest with a big Q and A episode where we cover alot of topics!   How often should you change you’re training?   Reverse dieting...View Details

Hey guys, a little bit of a post show update along with my future plans on competing. I also go into probably the hardest time for me mentally in my l...View Details

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