Whats up guys, we are back with my Dad to answer some brutal questions.


enjoy. we did.

  • Why dubai
  • What do you do
  • what happened to your spine
  • How/ did you remain positive
  • Did your perspective on life change if so how
  • what was your biggest challenge parenting me as a child (if any)
  • thoughts on me having an unconventional job
  • What do you say when people ask what I do. Why don’t you say I’m a bodybuilder if you do.
  • thoughts on me taking steroids
  • Thoughts on me using Recreational drugs
  • our favourite memory together
  • What are our main difference/similarities
  • Is there anything you dislike about me? Anything you wish I did differently?
  • What’s a piece of financial advice you’d give people my age
  • What would you do differently if anything if you were my age again
  • What are you most proud of me for


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